What Is Elder Law?

Elder Law is the practice of specially-trained attorneys who can help you protect your protecting residence in the event of illness and dispose of your assets upon your demise, with a minimum of taxes and problems. Elder Law attorneys address long term care and POA needs of each individual based on his or her unique situation.

How Do I Get Quality, Affordable Long Term Care for My Spouse or Parent?

You care about your loved one. You want them to have the best possible care. If you are like most families, the cost of care comes as a tremendous shock. The care that’s needed is often unaffordable over the long run. Your best strategy depends on the health of your loved one, whether they need care today or in the future, their financial resources, and other factors. As your elder law attorney, our law firm is uniquely qualified to provide you with solutions.

From questions about coordinating care in the community, to finding a quality nursing home, our elder care attorneys are here for you. We can guide you through all the financial and health care decision-making issues which need to made in the future.

We are experienced elder law attorneys that the experts rely on. Health care professionals such as hospital discharge planners, legal and financial professionals such as our attorney colleagues, and accountants and financial planners rely on us to help their clients in these areas. Let us become your elder law attorneys – Your Family’s Peace of Mind Law Firm.

How Can I Protect My Home From Medicaid and Nursing Home Bills?

Your primary residence has unique protections under Medicaid, but there are also traps for the unwary such as Medicaid estate recovery. These protections are multiplied if a spouse or special needs child lives with you. Even if this is not the case, there are many ways to protect your home, and our elder care attorneys will work on your behalf to save your home.

What Kind Of Advance Planning Can I Do?

Although many people come to us in crisis, the sooner advice is sought from an elder law attorney, the better off the client will be. For example, in light of the Medicaid eligibility rules getting tighter, the laws favor those with time to plan. Also, for clients who are both healthy enough to purchase long term care insurance, and who can afford the premiums, this kind of insurance is an increasingly attractive option. We can advise you as to long term care insurance, as well.

However, even in a crisis, it’s never too late to help a client, even after they have entered into the nursing home. As elder law attorneys, we can help make sure your loved one enters a quality nursing home and implement a plan to pay the nursing home bills without losing all of your loved one’s assets.

How Can the Elder Law Attorneys in Your Law Firm Can Help Me?

We don’t want to waste your time and money. Why take time out of your busy life to meet with us if we cannot help you? Instead, we encourage you to call us for a review of your situation over the phone, at no charge to see if a meeting makes sense. You will know before you meet with us and before you incur any charges if an elder law attorney on our team is able to help.

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