The 5 Must-Have Estate Plan Documents

A critical component to all estate plans is that an individual needs five must-have estate plan documents. The 5 must-have estate planning legal documents consist of: Durable Power of Attorney Health Care Proxy Living Will (Health Care Declaration) Authorization for Release of Protected Medical Information (HIPAA) Last Will and Testament/Living Trust It is important that… Read More »

Surviving the SECURE Act – Beneficiary designations

Prior to the SECURE Act, it was always important to ensure that a qualifying beneficiary designation was made to IRAs and other qualified retirement accounts. This could be an individual or a trust with the appropriate provisions that would allow the qualified retirement account to extend the tax-deferred benefits of the retirement account (commonly referred… Read More »

Surviving the SECURE Act – Review your estate plan

The SECURE Act has received much buzz since it was signed into law on December 20, 2019, as it will likely impact the retirement and estate planning strategies of many Americans. The far-reaching law includes significant provisions aimed at increasing access to tax-advantaged accounts (e.g. IRAs, 401(k), 403(b), etc.) and preventing older Americans from outliving… Read More »

Q & A with Vincent J. Russo On Hilary’s New York Lifestyle Blog

Vincent J. Russo joined Hilary Topper to address common questions from her community on her New York Lifestyle Bog. Vincent addressed topics such as; What documents should you have in place if you have an elderly parent?, What is the difference between Medicaid and Medicare?, and What is the difference between Assisted Living and Indepentd… Read More »

Should Couples Combine Assets Once They Get Married?

An article published by NerdWallet on January 14, 2020, entitled “Does Marriage Have to Mean Merging Money?” by Alice Holbrook discussed the pros and cons of couples merging their finances or combining their assets after they get married. I strongly believe that couples should discuss their financial situations before they walk down the aisle. The… Read More »