Thank you. I believe that everything went really well but then you did it all and made it happen. KUDOS and THANK YOU for such OUTSTANDING SERVICE. I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking your services. I can never thank you enough, my MOM is very happy where she resides and so am I because I can do what my DAD asked and as I should. Take care of her. Again Joshua thank you.
- William (Bill) Hernandez, Levittown, NY
After my husband died, I had to update my will and make several important changes. I am grateful for all the understanding and help I received from the Russo Law Group during this challenging process. Deanna Eble, my lawyer, and Cathy Evans, my case manager, were both accessible and provided me with relevant answers to my many questions. Indeed, they eased me through this sometimes challenging endeavor by giving me clear explanations of what the various legal terms meant. I also joined the well-named "Peace of Mind" program, which has already made me feel more comfortable about future reviews, updates, etc. The Thanksgiving Party for members and their family members was delightful and I am very glad I attended. I am looking forward to future events.
- Jane Gilroy
I just wanted to share my appreciation for the professionalism exhibited and courtesy extended by Cathy Evans, our Case Manager.  After my Mom finished reading the first draft of her Will and Trust, we drafted over a dozen questions of varying importance.  As a Peace of Mind client, my Mom contacted Cathy to go over several of those matters right away, such as: who attends the signing, what documents are necessary, when is a good time to call, how to develop additional questions, what is the meaning of various clauses and terms, etc.  Cathy’s insight into my Mom’s needs, addressed the majority of our concerns.  As a result of Cathy’s effectiveness, our follow-up discussions with Deanna Eble, our Attorney, were more focused and productive.   We are very pleased that my Mom is a POM client – the program works so well because of people like Cathy Evans.
- Francis Gilroy
My parents were happy with the estate plan Russo Law Group created for them, so I decided to contact the firm to do my will and advance directives. I am very glad I did. My attorney, Deanna Eble, was personable, knowledgeable, and experienced. She took the time to answer all of my questions and used anecdotal stories to explain some of the more complicated estate planning concepts. I never felt rushed while meeting with her. I plan to have Deanna design some trusts for my children. I highly recommend both her and Russo Law Group.
- Anthony L.
Thank you so much for all your hard work in managing my mother's account. You were always so nice to me when I screwed up! Thank all your team for me. This pooled trust allowed my mom to stay at her home. She and my dad were the original owners from 1950!. If anyone asked, I will always recommend you!!!!! Thank you once again.  
- Douglas C.
When my in-laws decided to get their affairs in order, they met with Russo Law Group. Then, my husband and I met with the firm regarding my in-laws' estate and that's when we met with Kim Christian. After meeting her we decided that many things that had to be addressed and she was so knowledgeable and helpful. She took the time explaining everything to us. We felt so comfortable working with Kim and accepting her recommendations. We also enjoyed working with Rosanna. She was very helpful to make appointments and we were always warmly greeted during our appointments. I would highly recommend the Russo Law Group and most of all Kim Christian to handle estate planning.
- Jim & Dee LaGuardia, Commack, NY
There is a very special person working at Russo Law, and that person's name is Joanna A. Perez!. During the time of my husband's (Paul Susskind Sr's) admission to Stony Brook University Hospital in early April of 2018 and his diagnosis of Dementia/Altizmers disease, he never came home again. Of course, once the diagnosis was determined and some additional time spent at Stony Brook University Hospital, it was time to decide where Paul Susskind would go next. Sadly and heartbreaking to our entire family, he could not come home. Our family found a Nursing Facility and proceeded to have my Husband Paul transferred there. During that time it became clear that an attorney was warranted and I contacted Russo Law. My Assigned attorney was Mr. Frank L. Buquicchio, and My Case Manager was Joanna A. Perez. From the moment I spoke to Joanna until today, I have never forgotten how kind, knowledgeable, and most important to me how caring she was, how she explained everything to me - I had never been through anything like this before, and I recollect how helpful, knowledgeable and caring Joanna Perez was to me. I could ask Joanna something and sometimes due to all the pressure and upsetment I was under, I am sure I would call her back again a few hours later and probably ask the same question. Joanna never got angry or upset when I would call her back and would always once again listen and help me with my questions and responses. As time went on with my husband Paul in a nursing facility it started to become clear that he may have to go on Medicaid. Once again I was a wreck and once again Joanna came to the rescue. She told me all of the paperwork required for Medicaid, which seemed like a suitcase full to me at the time, and I worked long and hard getting all this paperwork together. I finally called Joanna to tell her I had all together and the next time I went to Bay Shore to meet with Mr. Frank Buquicchio, who walks in to meet me???, Joanna. It was a pleasure to meet her in person and of course, Joanna took the paperwork back to the main office for me. Well, as luck and God would have it, my husband Paul did not make it to Medicaid, and who finally gave me all my paperwork back, you guessed it, it was Joanna! She kept it in the main office until after Paul's wake. During the time of Paul's stay in the nursing home, I cannot imagine how many times I called Joanna at Russo Law. There was so much to know and to understand and when it is you, the spouse of someone you love dearly, it is difficult to do all alone. Yes, Joanna was there for me. Whatever I needed to know, the call to her was always the right decision. Actually, I am thankful to be able to write this today to thank Joanna for the many things she did that I did not expect her too--one of them being my crying. Some days were difficult for sure. Great employee and equally a great and caring woman to be so kind to me in difficult times, during what I am sure was always a busy day. I never really did take the time until now to say how kind, thoughtful, caring, and helpful Joanna Perez was to me and ultimately to the rest of my family. I surely would recommend Joanna and of course Mr. Frank L. Buquccchio to anyone asking. Joanna Perez, always there both on the phone and in person, always eager to assist, extremely knowledgeable as well as bright, caring, thoughtful, and easy to speak with. Thank you, Joanna.
- Carol Susskind, Bay Shore, NY
I am writing this, on behalf of my family and myself, to say how happy we are that we chose Russo Law Group to represent my mother, Dina Meekins, and her elder care paperwork. All the staff was professional, courteous and patient as we sorted through the mountain of paperwork required in order to apply for Medicaid assistance. I would also like to offer a special shout out to Joanna Perez who never ignored my emails, nor made me feel ignorant when I was frustrated at all the questions and paperwork Medicaid was constantly asking for. My family and I could not have done this on our own.
- Donna Rees, Long Beach, NY
I am writing this letter to express my thanks to Joanna Perez. She has worked with me on behalf of my mother, Sylvia Barnao. Ms. Perez has handled my mother's re-certifications for the past 4 years. She is always avaialble to answer any concerns I have, and always calls back the same day. She is always considerate and compassionate. I am sure she is a valued employee of your company. It is a pleasure to work with her always, and I hope I have express my feelings well in this letter.
- Angela Rossetti, Massapequa Park, NY
Everyone from this law group has been so professional but also so nice. Vincent personally came to my city to help me and already had everything and everyone in place that I needed. I work with Michelle regularly and she is so helpful and will find out anything that she doesn’t have the answer for. Someone is always available to talk to. I am so appreciative for their help and support. Anyone in the state of New York I definitely recommend Vincent. He is very knowledgeable about NY laws and will always get any issues handled.
- Shannon Danielle Houston